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The Secret to Finding Sponsors for Media Projects

In our search to find the secret combination of fan base, niche, theme and talent, we stumbled upon what feels like a fairy godmother! Her name is Debbie Horovitch and she’s a 22 year veteran in the media industry both buying and selling. She’s a socially savvy media agency owner and on the day we spoke, she let loose nugget after nugget of pure gold! Listen, learn, and download your template and training¬†here…¬† and for the full version of Debbie’s interview along with a dozen more experts, check out TV Show 101.


debbiehorovitchABOUT DEBBIE:Debbie Horovitch is a 20-year veteran of the advertising agency industry, from competitive media buying and sales, having allocated est. $375 million dollars of client budgets on media, and representing media channels in various stages and formats for more than 25 years. Debbie has been obsessed with media since childhood, and the obsession is continuing with her Social Sparkle & Shine agency activities!



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