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This piece is not only a criticism of celebrities, it is also intended to critcise us, the consumer as it is  people like us that make them famous...

Stop Making Stupid People Famous

It seems so easy, just stop it. But the media outlets keep giving those who would out do Honey Boo Boo their 15 minutes, and more.

During one pitching season, I was sitting in a room with seasoned tv vets, people I know in real life who I consider smart, or at least, I did. As I was going over the merits of a #SocialTV idea I wanted to run with, aside from the questions of why bother with social (this was 2013 and they didn’t yet have a clue), the conversation kept coming back round to the question of who was the asshole?  At first I didn’t quite get it but by the end, I realized, it’s a formula, there has to be some jackass, or someone to hate, or someone to laugh at or make fun of because that’s how the show would spread virally. I argued that we didn’t have to be THAT kind of show.  And of course, they didn’t give me a greenlight.

That meeting was the first of many eye opening meetings where I met with seemingly intelligent people who thought there was only one way.  Clearly, street artist Plastic Jesus and I have another view. How about we stop making stupid people famous. How about we stop giving people willing to do anything to get on tv a platform to encourage other stupid people to go even farther?

That is the main reason for Crowded Reality, to allow great quality shows that have the power to change the world to be given a shot at broadcast. We can always go the streaming route but honestly the gold standard is still broadcast.

So how does one take a great idea and get it on the air? That’s where we come in. At Crowded Reality, we give you two ways to get your show made. One, crowdfund the cash. Or two, drive your social fan base to back your show with our proprietary Social Currency. By using the demographic data of your fan backing, we can leverage that reach into sponsors and with a fully funded show, leverage that into a better distribution deal.

We are out to change the world, and we want you to join us. So help us stop making stupid people famous. Let’s make you famous instead.



Bridging the Investment Gap with Crowdfunding for TV

So you have an idea. An idea so great that you think it could make you millions. Your reality TV show concept is original, it lends itself to a modern audience, and if it’s a reality TV show it’s likely not even going to cost much to produce. There’s one problem though. A professional, even low budget, television production can still be a significant investment, and securing funding for a project that costs less than ten, or even five thousand could seem daunting for a startup independent production.

Even in big business TV there has always been a problem with gap funding, and the same probably applies to you. You may have friends and family interested in supporting you, after all, a good idea is a good idea right? Maybe you were even able to secure a personal loan to build some more capital. The problem then arises that you need to find money for that last push. The gap.

This gap is the last bit of funding that separates investor confidence and a producer’s ambition, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult obstacle for your own reality TV production. Enter crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding isn’t new, but it is the latest phenomenon that’s helping everyday people to achieve extraordinary things in a digital age. When you have a good idea and a sound business plan you’re not the only person who’s going to recognize that. Your friends get it, your mom gets it, hell even that co-worker who you always thought just a little bit weird got behind your project. So what is stopping that idea from impacting more people, finding more support, and bringing you the start-up money that you need to really get a project moving and turned in to something real?

The problem is the size of your network. It’s limited. And having a big network is the key to success in any campaign.

Crowdfunding through niche sites like Crowded Reality helps remove this boundary by taking your idea to a global level with an audience interested in your type of project, exposing you to millions of potential backers around the world. Present your show in a way that is interesting, viable, and exciting, and you will find enthusiastic backers that simply aren’t possible with just your own social and professional circles. And add to this, the social currency backing that delivers demographic data to sponsors and advertisers and you could be raising more money faster than you thought possible.

For crowdfunding backers there’s little risk involved in supporting your project. With custom pledge packages you can ask for as little as $5 for a pledge, and there are no limits, providing you’re asking for realistic pledges for compelling benefits. Offering perks and rewards will make your project appealing, even for the casual backer. Their name on the credit roll, a pre-release copy of your first taping, or even an on screen role for major supporters are all opportunities to not only reach your financial goals, but generate more buzz around your project.

The investment gap is no longer the obstacle that traditional television producers had to deal with. Connect to a group of enthusiastic supporters with Crowded Reality, and you’ll find the perfect platform on which to promote and fund your own reality TV show.

Crowdfunding success training - plan ahead

Running a Successful Crowd Funding Campaign for Reality Shows

Crowdfunding has quickly become the go to choice for those looking to begin a project, who don’t have the capital to make their vision a reality. This approach also allows producers to determine the demand for the reality shows they are pitching and ensure that there is an audience. To be successful, there are some important things to consider on any crowdfunding project.
The first thing you need to do is to have a story in place that will ignite passion in people, leading them to donate to your cause. There are people out there who will help to turn your dream into a reality. You only need to ensure that your presentation is something that speaks to them. For the background of your product, it can be a good idea to sit down and draft a script about the reality shows that you are considering producing, outlining how the crowdfunding will help to make your show become a reality. It is critical that you hook your potential investors right off the bat and give a clear and concise message. Before you post the video, edit it so that you can give off a polished and professional appearance.
One way you can do this is by developing a script to read from. Watch other crowdfunding videos within your niche and analyze what is being said in the videos. Take the elements that impact you the most, and incorporate them into your own script to read from.
When you are ready to shoot the video, have the professionals step in. Since you are approaching the crowdfunding group to help you to produce reality shows, you need to prove that you have the experience or the crew to handle a camera. If you are asking money for equipment, it is fine to use a lower end camera, just ensure you have professional level camera work.
As part of your campaign, provide perks that will be valuable to the type of investors you want to attract. One of the worst mistakes campaigns have is that they don’t offer anything of value to the investors. Asking for a dollar and giving advanced access to the first episode is great for the catch all people that are looking for something inexpensive, but want to make a difference. When someone is donating $100 or $1,000 you should have the perk match the investment. Offer autographed stills, visits to the set, or other perks that you are comfortable offering that will entice people to purchase higher value items.
Another critical part of a successful campaign is having a website that people can visit. This validates that you aren’t a fly by night individual looking to collect money and run. You don’t have to be elaborate, but there needs to be something established for people to see.
Ensure that your numbers work and can be reached. For crowdfunding you need to have realistic expectations and a reasonable goal. If you need to raise $15,000 you’ll need to have 150 people donate $100 each. While it isn’t impossible, you’ll be better off having lower dollar value items that allow for those who aren’t able to donate larger amounts. That way, you won’t find yourself struggling later on.
Finally, don’t overlook your outreach to get word out about a campaign. Most people don’t automatically notice a campaign. It is important to promote your campaign to draw people in and make it a success.
It’ll take a little effort on your part to get your crowdfunding campaign up and running. But if you follow these steps, you should find that you are able to be successful.


Dive into Crowdfunding

While this series is specifically about Kickstarter, the lessons apply equally as much to CrowdedReality as well.  So grab a pen and paper, and kickback for a lesson in crowdfunding.


Leah Cevoli – Crowdfunding Expert Reveals Secrets of Success

She’s being called the secret sauce and has recently been knocking it out of the park with crowdfunding campaigns. In this recording she reveals the processes and some of her great “SUCCESS STORY”. She pulls apart some of the reasons why many of her campaigns succeeded in such a dramatic way. Example, when $50,000 was the original target but Leah Cevoli and her team managed to raise over $88,000 (Very Impressive). Here it all here, and leave your comments below.

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