Stop Making Stupid People Famous

By Adryenn Ashley

This piece is not only a criticism of celebrities, it is also intended to critcise us, the consumer as it is  people like us that make them famous...

It seems so easy, just stop it. But the media outlets keep giving those who would out do Honey Boo Boo their 15 minutes, and more.

During one pitching season, I was sitting in a room with seasoned tv vets, people I know in real life who I consider smart, or at least, I did. As I was going over the merits of a #SocialTV idea I wanted to run with, aside from the questions of why bother with social (this was 2013 and they didn’t yet have a clue), the conversation kept coming back round to the question of who was the asshole?  At first I didn’t quite get it but by the end, I realized, it’s a formula, there has to be some jackass, or someone to hate, or someone to laugh at or make fun of because that’s how the show would spread virally. I argued that we didn’t have to be THAT kind of show.  And of course, they didn’t give me a greenlight.

That meeting was the first of many eye opening meetings where I met with seemingly intelligent people who thought there was only one way.  Clearly, street artist Plastic Jesus and I have another view. How about we stop making stupid people famous. How about we stop giving people willing to do anything to get on tv a platform to encourage other stupid people to go even farther?

That is the main reason for Crowded Reality, to allow great quality shows that have the power to change the world to be given a shot at broadcast. We can always go the streaming route but honestly the gold standard is still broadcast.

So how does one take a great idea and get it on the air? That’s where we come in. At Crowded Reality, we give you two ways to get your show made. One, crowdfund the cash. Or two, drive your social fan base to back your show with our proprietary Social Currency. By using the demographic data of your fan backing, we can leverage that reach into sponsors and with a fully funded show, leverage that into a better distribution deal.

We are out to change the world, and we want you to join us. So help us stop making stupid people famous. Let’s make you famous instead.


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  1. Courtney Thomas

    While I’m not a fan of the particular shows this post talks about, I think it’s a little unfair to call them shows about stupid people. I’m sure you could find something negative about everyone if you stick a camera in their face 24/7. The case of Honey Boo Boo could lead to an important conversation about exploitation; this is a little girl who has essentially been bred for beauty pageants (I believe she was featured on toddlers and Tiaras before her show), and then they added even more pressure to her life in the form of cameras in her house. There’s no telling what kind of effect these shows have on people, especially children. That’s what worries me.

  2. Theandrewalk16

    Finally someone who thinking the same as me there are people who have real talent but never get notice but the people like young thug who use auto tune to get famous plus you cant even understand him half of time so i think this will be a good thing to have.

  3. Julie

    I believe that the idea behind this website is wonderful. It would be a great way to get new show ideas out there, and it seems to be a great way to actually fund the producing of said shows. I think that it is sad that so many of today’s television shows have to feature some sort of jackass/hated character to be popular and to gain a substantial following. I think that all shows should have some sort of comic relief, but the show should not base its whole premise and backing upon a single character that the world loves to hate or laugh at. I agree with you completely, that the world needs to stop making stupid people famous, and that they need to start casting some intelligent people into popular show ideas that have a real storyline.

  4. lookatalthea

    This is such a cool idea! I just stumbled across this website and I really appreciate the mention of quality entertainment. I find myself rarely watching broadcast TV anymore, because it’s so hard to find something to watch that isn’t going to make me feel like it just lowered my IQ. That’s why I actually find that I stream online more than I watch cable. I like being able to choose exactly what I want to watch, and when I want to watch it.
    Also, high-fives to Social Currency! Just because people don’t necessarily have money to give to a project, doesn’t mean the project shouldn’t get noticed. Very innovative ideas here, Crowded Reality.

  5. Von Clawson

    I totally agree with this. on most reality shows it seems that they picket only those people who will give the most entertainment value rather than those people who would actually do well. Case in point, I believe the show was called Utopia. They brought in very stupid people onto the show none of which really knew what they were doing. You could tell the people were chosen based on how they could cause controversy with the other contestants. It was really disappointing because I was interested in the concept.

  6. chynna s

    “We can always go the streaming route but honestly the gold standard is still broadcast.” This is so true. While I do stream most of the time (I’ve got full days at uni and can’t catch my shows on the TV), there’s something about the anticipation of waiting for a show to come on and following its schedule. Most viewers nowadays prefer to get the content they want, when the want, where they want, and I can see the appeal. However, nothing beats that anticipatory feeling, and knowing that you like a show so much you would move your own schedule around just to be able to watch.

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