The McKay Effect

By Derek Zagami

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The McKay Effect

It’s HERE! The TV Show That Is Like No Other!

Are you Ready to Transform YOUR Life?

We need YOUR HELP! We've shot 5 amazing episodes and are making a deal for our broadcast premiere! We are raising $10,000 to help with our marketing launch and collecting Social Currency to prove to advertisers and sponsors that YOU want to watch this show!


Real Stories
Real People
Real Transformation
Right Before Your Eyes!

Is it time to stop rewinding and replaying your same old story?

Are you ready to let go of self-sabotaging habits?

Is NOW the time to play a bigger game in life?

Are you ready to be McKay’d??

The McKay Effect is a reality based docu-drama, which spotlights the journey of every-day people through a variety of life struggles, and watching as they overcome these challenges, with greater resolve and a clearer sense of purpose.

Hosted by Transformational Expert Kate McKay, each episode focuses on unsticking people from their past. The viewers see Kate meet the guests for the first time and with 24 hours; Kate transforms their lives by providing them with the skills, and more importantly, the belief in themselves to live a deeper and more meaningful life.

Kate McKay’s Effect may not always be gentle, and can at some times be quite disruptive to her guests. However Kate always comes from a place of love and commitment to their highest and best self.

Each show’s topic, whether focused on obesity, autism, or dealing with a terminal illness, will also be driven by social media outreach, answering questions, providing information, which provides a more compelling and meaningful TV experience.

Kate McKay uses humor and her gift of connection to spotlight the resiliency of the human spirit and the heroes who surround us on an everyday basis. Kate believes that we are all worthy to live a breakthrough life, and sometimes in order to have that happen, someone needs to step in and hold onto and spotlight our dream so we can set ourselves free from living our old stories. Only then can we can step into the life we want and deserve, no matter our age, race, religion, or creed.

Kate sees no barriers insurmountable and no dream to big. Kate ignites people just by her presence. Love her or hate her, the McKay Effect is real. Kate McKay is ready to meet and greet your greatest challenge and help you make it all come true.


"The McKay Effect is about changing people’s lives, one story at a time."

Are you ready to be transformed?



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