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An Inspiring, make-your-dreams-come-true show in the same positive-feeling, surprise-the-guests format of the TV hit Extreme Home Makeover and Restaurant Impossible.

Yes, we make personal dreams come true through STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

The Fab Lab  is a Mobile Fabrication Laboratory– designed to inspire youth to meet seemingly impossible odds and entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into new products and prototypes. We are a laboratory that plays, creates, teaches and mentors, as we invent.Our creativity for solutions reach as far as your desire for solutions: Like responding building a street race car for a paraplegic, designing and building a robot for competition, competing on one of NASA's Space Projects and tackling environment issues to reduce carbon dioxide. The Fab Lab is an hour-long show, shot on location – driven by fans' desires to design, create and build something for competition within the show.

The Fab Lab Shows up at their doorstep, surprising applicants, ready to assist, mentor and execute the creation of their desire. The Fab Lab Team will be comprised of: Mark and Louis, the applicant, their family, community and  local businesses. Mark and Louis are mentors and teachers - this show is about empowering the youth to believe they can do it themselves. The Fab Lab is hosted by Mark and Louis – experts in design, engineering, manufacturing and fabrication. Their work is fun, always inspiring, and at times, nail-biting in its intensity !“We ask our audience to supply us with stories of need.... of inspiration..... of change. If they think it, we can help build it!” Fab Labs have spread from Los Angeles to Scandinavia.

Activities in fab labs range from technological empowerment to peer-to-peer project-based technical training to local problem-solving to small-scale high-tech business incubation to grass-roots research. Help Mark and Louis bring Fab Lab to you or someone you know that has an innovative spirit! Concept: Fab Lab was originally created to enable youths from areas which do not have the facilities, machinery and/or personnel to participate in local or national STEM related competitions.  Now, our vision expands to anyone who has the dream, desire and inspiration! We are a portable design and prototype shop equipped to assist with projects of any scale, complexity or industry.

Our team has the skills necessary to complete most of the projects, however, in some cases we reach out to local companies for their domain specialists. Allure: The surprise of the applicants and the co-creation of engineering solutions offers creative story flow. There is predictable internal conflict between students and mentors on how best to complete the projects, the pressure to learn new skills and execute under time pressure, the inevitable initial failures and then triumphs over failures, and the excitement of the actual contest/judging. There is also the educational aspect, highlighting new technologies in fabrication, manufacturing and design.

Where we are at: We've shot the pilot of the show (see the trailer above) and now we need your help to finish it and continue the series and get it on the air! So if you want to help make dreams come true, please contribute your social influence by backing us with your social currency above, and if you can, select a level to back the show with your cash! Every dollar counts! Campaign begins in January! ... but if you really feel like helping us out, feel free to back us now!

We are always looking for great projects! We want to help you, your school, your community - so help us get this thing locked and loaded. We make dreams come true,  as we inspire and encourage young boys and young girls to extend their comfort zone and know they can do it themselves!

About the Show's Hosts

markMark TenEyck is an accomplished business executive with 30 years of experience in management, design, fabrication and building. He started his first business at the age of 19 in residential home building and design. He transitioned to an 18-year tenure with Dassault Syst?mes in management selling innovative engineering solutions. He also designs and builds custom modern warm furniture sold in high end retail stores, is on the Advisory Board at Cerritos College and teaches computer aided design at Roosevelt High School. TenEyck has championed innovative methods for reduction of cost, scrap and environmental impact in product development. He is distinguished by his passion for business, focus on collaborative team building and commitment to delivering results. His contagious enthusiasm instills him and his team members with extraordinary energy and dedication in an environment where creativity and innovation are encouraged. A dynamic public speaker, teacher and mentor, Mark is a sought after presenter at meetings, team building events and conferences. He transmits key concepts in business innovation supported by smart adoption of technology to enable business to continually improve their products and processes while reducing their overall costs. Mark is passionate about his work and enjoys encouraging others to experience the dynamic of design and fabrication. He donates his time teaching in Boyle Heights and mentoring First Robotics Teams.

LoiueLouie Dietz is a Master Fabricator, Industrial Designer and Engineering with a background in aerospace, automotive and the entertainment industry. His mix of skills comes from a diverse background starting as a young car builder and designer. With a little bit of college, A lot of time behind a welder and CAD station and a lot of trial and error he has become one of the go to guys for fabrication and design help for wild one off projects. Over the last ten Years, Louie has transitioned from building and design aircraft to helping design concept cars for the major automotive companies, helping bring supercars to life, and launching his own line of sunglasses and watches. The fab lab will be the realization of a dream to bring fabrication and design skills to those that are passionate about completing a project and learning valuable design and hands on skills!

Two real world examples of cars designed by Louie Dietz:

mbz by louie

cadilliac by louie



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