The Change Challenge

By Heather Frey

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A new FIRST!

A fitness show that actually shows you the REAL way to lose weight and get fit!

The Change Challenge is different from other fitness challenges in that it takes the focus away from the scale and puts the emphasis on what it is you need to DO to reach your goals. The focus is on making small, manageable, maintainable changes and when you make these changes week to week, your body will have no choice BUT to change.

People are looking for answers so although the transformation shows are fun to watch, they don't give people any real insight, information or strategy on how to apply it to real life, their real life.

 What do I do?

How do I start?

I have no time.

What am I suppose to eat?

I don't know how to workout. 

Everyone starting out, or restarting, has these questions and concerns, but without solid answers the goal gets pushed to the side.


scale, me sad

But this show will give you answers. In my show, we would pick a few people and follow them into their real life health, weight, and fitness challenges. I would go into people’s homes and assess what’s holding them back physically and emotionally.  I’d look at what they’re eating, how they’re moving, their routines, the people in their life, and most importantly, what they’re *thinking*.  From there, a Fitness Strategy would be created specifically for them which is  a few small changes at a time from week to week.  Doing everything all at once is a recipe for "giving up". Take in healthy bite sized chunks, DO-ABLE!


The point is that by showing these people what to do, we'd actually be showing everyone who's watching what to do. Reality shows are so focused on the actual drama of the *change*, they don't really show you how to do it yourself. That's what we'd do. We would select stay at home Moms, working parents, people who travel, and any person who has obstacles they simply don't know how to climb. As with anything, once you know how to do it, it's not that hard.



On top of this, I'd also visit creative local fitness business to help jump start our *Changers* as well as show the audience fitness doesn't just live in a gym, it can be anywhere!

Think the right thoughts, do the right things, your body will have no choice but to change. That is the “true secrets of weight loss” revealed.



It's pretty simple!

1. Create an account. It's very quick, very easy, and your name won't leave this site. It's just to make sure you're a real person. You then use your account to contribute social currency or the spending kind.

2. Click the one of the "Social Currency" buttons or all of them! This adds the number of friends you have to my social currency which adds value to the show. To be clear, it doesn't add them, just the number of friends you have. "It also gives gives us permission to send out a post on your behalf when it's time to push and promote the show. This is one of the easiest and best ways to help!

3. Invest. There are 2 ways - by hitting 'Contribute Now' you can either make a dollar amount donation OR you can choose one of the donation options that run down the right side of this page. All proceeds go to the production of the show.

4. Spread the word! Talk about it to friends, engage with our posts, and click the share buttons. All of these things help get the word out so we can show sponsors and stations that there is interest which can all lead to creating a show that helps millions.

Thank you so much for your help and support so I can help and support!



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