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Badge Wives is not some phony reality show; it's the real deal behind the badge – a unique, law abiding insider's view of life being married to a police officer. Family, Politics, Friendships and entertainment all rolled up into ONE! It's OUR stories, OUR way, OUR Reality!

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  • $990.00 Funded
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  • Ended On 10/30/2015

Plus Life

Unapologetic, fat, thick, sexy women who love to flaunt their curves at our Plus Size Lingerie Boutique in San Jose, California... hot and sexy fat chicks in the heart of Silicon Valley.

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  • $32,535.00 Funded
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The McKay Effect

The McKay Effect is a reality based docu-series, which spotlights the journey of every-day people through a variety of life struggles, and watching as they overcome these challenges, with greater resolve and a clearer sense of purpose.

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We bring you some of the most inspirational and motivational stories of people that are making the world a better place.

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Wake Up! Season 1 – COMPLETED

Hosted by the most beloved experts in Mind, Body, Spirit - Wake Up! TV is the show for the New Message to the New Mainstream. Providing insight into the answers people really want – like de-stressing our lives, finding the best tools for balance (and is it really possible), innovative ways to invest in our financial futures, and new paradigms for parenting and relationships – through conversational interviews with the most leading edge authors, trainers and educators in the world.

  • 110.02% Funded
  • $110,020.33 Funded
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  • Ended On 05/31/2015

The Change Challenge

The Change Challenge Show is a transformation, fitness, weight loss, strategy, DIY, makeover show all rolled into one! I’ll follow people into their body struggles and create a strategy of small changes and new thinking that will ultimately transform their body and their life!

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  • $145.00 Funded
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Dog Rescue Club App and Show

This show is full of heart-warming and heart-wrenching stories of the people who save our lost dogs.... perhaps in your own home town! Stephen will be all across America, as we respond to your social media votes of the Best Care Takers and Saviors. This is really more than just a Story-Telling Show. This is a Vote for a Hero Show!

  • 0.90% Funded
  • $180.00 Funded
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Jason Elkin: Uncorked

Unravel the Mysteries of Wine! Join Host Jason Elkin as he Travels the World to Partake in the Pleasures of Wine, Food and Culture.

  • 12.25% Funded
  • $1,225.00 Funded
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Kung Fu Redemption

THE SIFU is an action reality show about redemption and transformation through the way of Kung Fu – including not only the martial arts, but also the world of esoteric and powerful Taoist secrets, and Chinese healing. With life’s challenges – loss, addiction, lack of confidence, health concerns – sometimes a massive intervention is needed to help create change. THE SIFU takes viewers on a journey toward self-improvement as students from all walks of life go through the challenging, transformational journey from unbalanced to centered and from wimp to warrior.

  • 100.80% Funded
  • $18,946.00 Funded
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