Men of Drag

By David Cunningham

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This is a self contained hybrid docu series with one tent pole event each week and the episode ending with a race.This could be made into an arched show.

Tim our main character has a major handicap of being a hunchback/humpback, never looking for any self pity he is on a mission to prove himself as a drag racer that has to be taken seriously. Tim's father Kenny a racer himself wants to help him out as much as possible hoping someday his son will stand in the winners circle. Kenny is a very expert mechanic in building dragsters, suffers from serious back injuries. C.J. Murdock is one of Tim's rival and is committed that Tim never wins a race. C. J. has the support of his family along with his father and grandfather whom are all very experienced drag racers and mechanics.

Jeff Flood (current world champ)a family friend and fellow racer gives Tim zero chance of ever winning a race, but knows if Tim gets his car dialed in he will be someone to be taken
seriously. During the recent past years of economic down turn Jeff has relied more on his racing abilities to put food on the table than his roofing job. Charlie who drives a truck for a living brings a chaotic dimension to this group of friends. Tim takes in other work to make a dollar, from painting vehicles,to mechanic repair,and has begun building drift trikes and racing them competitively. Sometimes Tim loses money on the jobs he does as in the case of a truck fuel tank repair which explode the truck.

Below are suggested episodes. These will vary since this is a reality show there is no fixed format.

Episode 1- Used parts
"When used parts are installed to save money breakage occurs at a challenging time" Tim,Jeff,Charlie,C.J race.

Episode 2 - Secret Weapon
"Tim bends his seat to fit his back and installs a hand break to increase his time off the line." Tim,Jeff,Charlie,C.J.races.

Episode 3 - The Boss
" When Tim works for a week the boss refuses to pay the agreed price Tim has to barter making him come up short for Racing fees" C.J. struggles with family issues when his dad grounds him from racing for the week.Tim,Jeff,Kenny races.

Episode 4- Money Pockets
" Sponsor approaches Jeff with 50/50 split, Tim's race time increases with hand break" Tim,Charlie,Jeff,Kenny, C.J races

Episode 5 - The New Customer
"Tim and Kenny take on a job to paint a truck for a new customer, tragedy strikes as truck brakes release and truck rolls into pond. Tim, Jeff, C.J. race. Charlie is on the road wishing he was home to race.

Episode 6 - Drift Trike
" A neighboring drift trike racer challenges Tim, winner takes all " Tim looses race and his trike. Tim, Jeff, Kenny, Charlie,C.J race.

Episode 7 - The Big Job
A previous customer hires Kenny and Tim to build him a dragster from the ground up.Tim suffers from back problems, Charlie,C.J. get into a fight when C.Js father bumps Charlies car in the line-up

Episode 8 - The Knife
Doctor tells Tim possible surgical procedure to help Tim's back. Tim builds new drift trike. Tim, C.J compete, Kenny's car breaks down at the track Charlie,Jeff race.

Episode 9 - The Break-In
Jeff's garage at the track get's burglarized,puts him out of race. Jeff thinks he has found stolen parts on Craig's list uses Tim,Kenny and Charlie as sting operation with seller. Thief is beat to shit by Jeff,Charlie. Tim,Kenny C.J. Charlie, race.

Episode 10 - The Re-Build
After getting his parts back Jeff with the help of Kenny and Tim rebuild his car. Jeff needs advance from sponsor to get new tires, sponsor makes the split 60/40 Jeff don't like it. Tim,C.J. races

Episode 11 - Young Guns
Newer young drivers give Jeff real competition at the track, Jeff smokes them.Kenny builds a go cart for his grand kids

Episode 12 The Race
Tempers flair during race day, Tim s hard work pays off winning in his class, Jeff defends his title, Charlie,CJ,Kenny race



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