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The Sifu: Kung Fu Redemption TV Show takes viewers on an epic journey into the Way of Kung Fu.  The powerful drama and explosive action will entertain viewers as they watch initiates to Kung Fu struggle to adapt to the challenges of Kung Fu Redemption.


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At the Kung Fu Temple, the Sifu and his excellent staff of instructors guide our guests to have a transcendent experience - transforming them into more balanced human beings; their empowerment transforms the world around them. People come to learn Kung Fu for a variety of reasons: they want to learn self-defense, or find that combat via martial arts is great fun. But others have serious problems they are dealing with – drug addiction, a feeling of purposelessness, or, as is the case in the first episode of this series, a returning soldier having trouble with anger and getting back into civilian life. Our second episode features a business man struggling to improve his health and his life balance, and elite scientist searching for the next level of empowerment.

Bill, showcased in the first episode of The Sifu: Kung Fu Redemption signed on for ten hours a day for ten days to go through an intensive training program to guide him towards greater inner peace and balance.  You will admire him for putting in the hard work his Sifu demanded of him. He did it because of his determination to transform his life, and his journey was recorded and is now ready to be cut and edited into a fantastic episode - absorbing, challenging, mixing fun, struggle, and action in equal amounts - will Bill be able to make it through the course?

Our next episode will feature two individuals. Brad is a 64 year old serial entrepreneur with no background in martial arts and Joseph, a 41 year old scientist, martial artist, Renaissance man. Both men come into the episode with complicated lives full of adventure and struggle. Will their journey into the Tao break them or restore them to even greater heights of success?

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The Message of The Sifu: Kung Fu Redemption?

"How do you transform a lump of coal into a diamond? Put pressure on it."

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More Show Details

Each hour-long episode of The Sifu: Kung Fu Redemption will showcase a different student or students on his or her journey into the Way or Tao and its Power.

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Kung Fu Redemption will allow viewers to follow and become inspired by the transformational journeys of the students showcased in each episode.

Kung Fu Redemption 5Their background stories will be interspersed with their current journey, as they are taught a variety of Chinese martial arts, Internal Kung Fu, Iron Hand, Chinese Weapons, and other exotic styles, as well as the complimentary and perhaps even more important arts of Tai Chi, Qigong, Meditation and other healing practices.

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Each episode will be a combination of action and exploration, which viewers from around the world will enjoy.


What We Need

The first episode of The Sifu: Kung Fu Redemption has been filmed and is was funded by Kick Starter. Now we are ready to begin to create our first season’s worth of episodes. We will create one episode per $81,000 after our first $10,000 goal here at Crowded Reality.

Stretch Goals

With the initial funds, we'll be able to complete and fund distribution for the pilot episode and continue work on our future episodes.

As we receive additional funds, they'll go towards completing subsequent episodes. We funded most of episode one out of pocket and with help from crowd funders like you on Kick Starter. Without your help we will not be able to continue and finish our season. For every additional $81,000 we raise above our initial funding goal we will produce another episode of The Sifu: Kung Fu Redemption which backers will receive in addition to the pilot.

There is no limit to finding people who need Kung Fu Redemption and we will cover many topics.

We are open to your suggestions for interesting people who need Kung Fu Redemption.

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Who am I?

I am Sifu Richard Baron, and I own the Little Nine Heaven Kung Fu School Chicago and North Shore branch located in Deerfield, Illinois (also known as Kung Fu Power!). Since I founded this school, I have been proud to be able to teach and guide hundreds of students through a powerful and transformative journey into Kung Fu. Students come to me for a variety of reasons. They’ve seen a martial arts movie, for example, and want to get in on the fun. Or they come simply for the exercise and to get fit. Or they have some issue in their lives – they lack self-confidence, they have issues with anger management and so on – and feel that learning the way of Kung Fu can help them center and balance themselves in order to better meet life’s never-ending challenges.

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The Impact

Life today is more challenging than ever, and people are under more stress today than ever before, because of the poor economic climate, the drastic change taking place in our healthcare system which will affect every part of our lives, the stresses from the volatile situation in various other countries of the world... all this impacts the young and old. The Sifu: Kung Fu Redemption will expose a wide audience to the power and potential of Kung Fu and how it can help anyone and everyone to learn discipline, self-respect, strength, self-confidence, and of course, self-defense.


Other Ways You Can Help

Please share our campaign on your social media platforms, and with anyone whom you feel might be interested not only in an action-packed reality TV series, but also in the healing power of Kung Fu itself.



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