Kreskin:The AMAZING Series

By StanleyAdamsProductions

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For over half a century The Amazing Kreskin has left audiences throughout the world spellbound. Acclaimed by stars, critics, and experts as the real-deal.

His stunning ability to read minds, project thoughts, and see the unseen has earned him the title of “The world’s foremost mentalist.” Kreskin’s magnetic personality and honorable reputation has earned him the respect and admiration from the most reputable entertainers of our time.

His dedicated fan base grew up with him; Kreskin may have grown up, but he never got old. Now, the Amazing one has captured the attention of the new generation and he’s ready to show them that the most advanced technology is your mind.

Watch Kreskin perform in front of a LIVE studio audience with NO editing, NO cuts, and NO camera trickery. Celebrity appearances, predictions, weekly challenges, and a quest to find other unique individuals with clairvoyant talents.



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