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We All Care about Dog Rescue.

What Makes Some of Us Super Heroes?

What Does it Take to Be a Super Hero?

What Separates Those That Save from the Rest of Us?

Do They Have a Special Club?  Don't You Think They Should?

This is show, hosted by Stephen Dimmick, is a behind the scenes real life story of the everyday life and everyday struggles of the heroes who save these dogs. Embodying every emotion from love and concern to danger and exhaustion, Stephen shares the stories that will help both inspire and awaken you to the real story of dog rescue in our country, and what it really takes to bring that dog in, care for it, foster it, and find it a forever home.

This is About Super Dog Heroes that Save Them.

They Rescue These Dogs, Keep Them Safe and Loved

Until They Find Their Forever Home.

A Day in the Life of the Savior and the Saved.

This show is full of  heart-warming and heart-wrenching stories of the people who save our lost dogs.... perhaps in your own home town! Stephen will be all across America, as we respond to your social media votes of the Best Care Takers and Saviors.  This is really more than just a Story-Telling Show. This is a Vote for a Hero Show! Almost every single rescuer pays for their own gas, their own time, their own vet bills - even the dog food - for the rescued animals, as they seek foster and then full time homes. Most people don't even know that their friend telling a story over dinner about a rescued dog... are often deeply out of pocket financially... are often exhausted emotionally and physically every night. Yet, they could not live another way, another day, with a dog left behind.

This is Their Club!  Vote for Your Local Hero!

Have Stephen Come to Your Town and Spend a Day with the Best Dog Hero You Know.

You will fall in love with the characters - both human and canine! - as we unfold stories of recovery, healing and rebirth! Every show is determined by your social input - so Vote for YOUR LOCAL DOG RESCUER... and celebrate your hero with everyone across the country who Loves Their Dogs! We are creating a Smart App that includes all the Dog Rescue Centers across the Country, with Geo Locations, Resources, Transit Options, Donations and Petfinder(tm)... OH AND THERE WILL BE DOGS. Lots and Lots  and LOTS of DOGS.



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