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L.A. is home to thousands of aspiring dancers from around the world. No one really knows what its like to make it in Los Angeles until you're there. "I just need to get an agent and then I've made it," is what most aspiring dancers say. Expensive rent, public transportation, competition, individuality, hunger and homelessness is never mentioned in the process of making it. But it does play an factor. Every commercial dancer's dream is to dance for artists like Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Janet Jackson and Chris Brown. Booked follows the journey of four dancers in pursuit of this ONE Dream.

The "Working Dancer" has been in LA for at least a year and the ball is starting to roll with his/her career. This person has an agent and is booking professional gigs with major artists but nothing is consistent yet. This person is still receiving 70% rejection from auditions and struggling to figure themselves out as a dancer such as their artistry, dance style, look, etc.

The "Booked & Blessed Dancer" is the dancer that everyone wants to be. This person has been in the game for years and has great connections.  You will get the dirt/gossip on working for artists such as Beyoncé, Jlo and Rihanna plus see how he/she struggles with transitioning to what’s next after their dance career whether it be in choreography, creative direction, teaching, etc.

Meet the "Dancer-Turned-Artist". She/He moved to LA to dance but it wasn't what he/she thought it would be. This person has worked as a professional dancer and hated being in the background. We will get to see this person’s perspective from the other side of the table where he/she is the one casting dancers for their shows. This is someone whose career is on the fast track as an Uprising Artist.

The "Newbie Dancer" just moved to LA. He/She is in that "Hell Stage" where they can barely pay bills or eat. The “Newbie Dancer” is also trying to get an agent at open call auditions where over 1,000 dancers audition and only 10-20 are signed.

BOOKED is an mix of Fame The Movie and MTV's True Life that is centered around dance.




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