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The purpose of this show is to bring an up-close-and personal view of what badge wives have to do to balance the daily stress that their husbands’ jobs create while yearning for a normal family life. This can be difficult when the police officers are faced with many outside situations that can cause turmoil in their home life and compromise friendships. A wife's honor is to protect & serve her family behind the badge.

In addition to performing the juggling act of love, life, and honor, you will have front row seats into the Badge Wives every day lives and friendships.  These extraordinaire women will stimulate your emotions like a fast paced roller coaster ride that you may never want to get off !  You will laugh with them, you will cry with them, you will disagree with them, you will side with them, you will love them, you will hate them, you may identify with them and you may relate to them, but it is definitely reality!

Real Women, Real Stories...OUR Reality!


  • A badge wife has to be a good listener; after a long day of grueling work, her husband comes home and sometimes needs her to just listen and not talk. During those times she has to put her needs aside.
  • A badge wife is in love with a man that some people love and some people hate. So HER love must be unconditional.
  • A badge wife sacrifices a lot for her relationship. She often has to schedule her time around his time, spend many holidays alone, takes care ofthe family's needs; sometimes on her own.
  • A badge wife is faced with the reality that her husband is in the "line of fire" everyday. The news stories that are seen on television does not make it easier for the wives to sleep at night.
  • When a badge wife says the word "I DO", she must truly mean it!

All of these badge wives may not always agree, but their bond is unique. Although the Badge Wives Reality Show will be very entertaining, it will also bring awareness to the lives of families, not just behind the badge but behind other "uniforms" as well.

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