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ATHENA SUPERLOOK is a TV series where aspiring models develop their portfolios and are eventually introduced to join the best model agencies.

In Phase One, online castings begin internationally while in Phase Two, the scouting continues with the New Faces Division in model agencies.

Selected contestants will participate in a fashion journey that takes place in the most exclusive locations in the world.

Selected models are trained and developed at the ATHENA SUPERLOOK ACADEMY where a professional portfolio is produced so they can be well-prepared to start their careers in the fashion industry.

ATHENA SUPERLOOK TV series reveals the new faces of the world that will grace the catwalks of top designers..

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Athena Superlook’s exclusive and innovative investment opportunity

For its second edition, on top of the unique rewards offered to the show’s backers, AS is offering the exclusive opportunity for its audience to earn up to 50% of its distribution sales.

ATHENA SUPERLOOK  has created a token name “ATS” valued at 1USD. The total amount of tokens created is equal to the funding of 300K USD needed to produce the AS 2016 Edition.

The tokens are created by leveraging the latest blockchain technology, giving the backers full view and transparency of every transaction.

Token holders will be able to redeem their tokens via a digital wallet after the show concludes its first sale. The more sales ATHENA SUPERLOOK  gets, the higher the value of each token. Similarly, users who hold their tokens the longest will yield the highest revenue.

Check the various funding levels to select the amount of tokens you wish to purchase.

The TV series is recorded in 4K HDR – the latest broadcast technology that is transforming the television industry.  The high demand for 4K HDR content is driving the value to 10K USD per hour per territory.



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