Here is our FIRST EPISODE concept: If You Got It Flaunt It!

By Chrystal



The first episode of this revolutionary new show will feature an all-too-common scenario: a plus size bride-to-be walking in, trying to find something tasteful to ‘hide’ her curves on her honeymoon. Fortunately, the store’s staff and customers aren’t afraid to tell her like it is! They respond by:


  1. Reassuring her that her fiancé loves her curves – he knows they’re there and still can’t wait to get into bed with her and spend the rest of his life with her!
  2. Telling her how beautiful she looks right now
  3. Helping her pick out a variety of sexy outfits that her fiancé will love
  4. Sharing details of their personal stories to reassure her she’s not alone
  5. Coaching her that he could have chosen a million other women, but he chose her – fat body and all
  6. Providing helpful sex tips for the honeymoon and positions for hot sex for the curvy girl

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