Avoid a bleak romantic future!

By Stennar


If you don’t share this message with 5 people immediately, you will be cursed with BAD DATING KARMA. Imagine every one of your future dates filled with corked wine, the smooth stylings of Nickelback, and endless word vomit about your exes, resulting in you doing that ugly cry where you are not only crying, but also drooling and have that bubbling snot dripping out of your nose! Nooooo!

Okay, chill – there is a solution:

Support “MISSION: DADPOSSIBLE,” our indie sitcom about Sherwin, a lovable dork re-entering the dating world after two kids and a divorce (think “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” with kids).

Let Sherwin suffer onscreen so you don’t have to in real life! Save your smoochy future! You can transfer ALL of your bad date karma to Sherwin!

All it takes are 2 easy, FREE steps:

Step 1: Go to www.missiondadpossible.com

and Click on the “Back with Facebook” and/or “Back with Twitter” buttons.

Step 2: Share this message with 5 people

Did I mention it’s FREE? HOT.

Thank you for your time. heart emoticon heart emoticon heart emoticon

I’m a Nigerian Prince and I support “MISSION: DADPOSSIBLE.” So should you.

Avoid Bleak Romance

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