How It Works

Not only is CrowdedReality designed to help you turn a show idea into a reality (no pun intended), it’s designed to leverage the value of your and your fans social capital to attract sponsors and distribution. Here’s how it works.

Step by Step Process

ideaHave a bright idea? Get your ideas down on paper and get it registered with the Writers Guild and Copyright office. Then register and create your project here on CrowdedReality.com. Be sure to map out your video, backer rewards and social media outreach plans.




contributionsLaunch your project through your social media connections and watch the contributions trickle in.





analyzeTrack your backers, and where you are having your best response and turn that channel up to HIGH! You also want to collect more than cash! Social Currency is exclusive to CrowdedReality.




magnetizeUse the tips revealed in Leah Cevoti’s interview to supercharge your contributions.






sponsorsCollect enough social currency and have sponsors banging down your door.





social currencyWhen your project gains traction, social currency, you can be submitted to our Syndication Network. Outlets are always looking for hot shows and now, they can see up front that your show will have legs.




evergreenHit your target and your show will grow and profit.


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