My show is a scripted series, can I still post a project on CrowdedReality.com?

Yes, we have a scripted section. The site was designed for reality and talk shows but we believe there is room for everyone!

What should I do to protect my concept from being stolen?

Ask any tv producer, every single one of us has had shows stolen. It’s kind of a fact of life. That doesn’t mean you can be slack and not do your best to protect yourself. First up, register your treatment with the writer’s guild. Next, send it to the copyright office. Then, trademark you show title. That’s the best way I’ve seen. While the show itself might be lifted, one thing they can’t duplicate is YOU, and with your social proof, enthusiasm and charisma, it would be a much more sure bet to just pick up your show. Of course, I’m still seeing one of my shows, done marginally well, with abysmal ratings (because the secret sauce is my star, not who they cast) still on the air. Chalk it up to experience. What you put on the site shouldn’t be the secret sauce, it should be the 30 second elevator pitch and why YOU and only YOU can make it happen!

How much will I pay?

The site is free to post and we charge 4% on top of the credit card processing fees. That’s one of the lowest in the crowdfunding world.  See our Pricing and Fees.

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