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TED Talks are Wonderful For Your Library

The Power of Believing That You can Improve

-Carol Dweck from TED

Carol Dweck researches “growth mindset” — the idea that we can grow our brain’s capacity to learn and to solve problems. In this talk, she describes two ways to think about a problem that’s slightly too hard for you to solve. Are you not smart enough to solve it … or have you just not solved it yet? A great introduction to this influential field.


Watch This TED TALK

Top 5 Crowdfunding Tip for Success

Top 5 Crowdfunding Success Tips

Crowdfunding is becoming a global phenomenon, revolutionizing the horizon of all business. People have funded things as varied as video games and businesses to, well… TV SHOWS!

Still… the failure rate is sky high – so, take in every tip from experts that you can.


It is proven in the existing data from giant Kickstarter, that the odds for a campaign to be successful in reaching their goal is ten times higher when they have reached about half their goal. Creating momentum brings comfort, because now one wants to go first. And, the more funds you have raised increasing the potential for others to donate.

How do you do that?
Donate yourself. Ask your friends. Pre-launch before you launch and coordinate family and friends. Segment your potential investors, and invite the less likely to invest to your pitch when you already have momentum.


So don’t let your campaign drag: 30 -45 days is the sweet spot for most campaigns. Longer, and people forget about you. Shorter, and you can seem rushed or even disorganized. One expert suggested ending your campaign on a weekday evening, as it is known your final push will reach more people surfing the web at that time.

Stagger your updates. The second week donations taper off, so be ready to re-energize with updates and new prizes. Rejuvenate your social media outreach. Create an update video. It is critical you keep separate email lists so you can reach those who have not donated and not annoy those who have!

Communicate well – be clear and sincere -every step of the way.


Data shows that the average pledge is $70: you have to determine exactly what funds you need to raise. Do you have quote for the different components? From various suppliers and experts?

T-Shirts are always a welcomed low and mid range gift: so do you know what T-Shirt or Coffee Mug supplier offers you the best deal? Do they include shipping? Do they ship internationally?

Research the details, people don’t like to pay for shipping: you have to be sure to add it to your bottom line.

Be sure you know your base funding goal: what will your TV show cost for the pilot? Make sure your target covers the details, and every dollar after target ensures you will make it better.


Your backers are golden to you: they inherently see the value of your project before it is realized. So determine values for clearly defined tiers. AND – Be exciting! Both in copy and in actual gifts.

You can “stack” rewards. This method is less clear and can lead to confusion – but, an aggregate comparison works well within the potential donors mindset.

Not stacking affords clearer copy and distinct understanding of the coolness of the tiered gift.

Low level Tiers: Don’t clutter up your reward tiers with too many lower end offerings that may distract   backers before they get to the higher end offers. Having more rewards is not better.

The sweetspot is  around $70 -so figure out higher and lower from that median. A great way to have backers move up the donation station is by stretching your rewards, making a $300 reward a better and better reward for them. Sell out a tier? Make a $305 Special level to keep them coming! Be sure to have the stretch rewards already in mind, and offer them only at the higher goals.

Be sure to create cool gifts with cool graphics to keep everyone stimulated.

You can add additional tiers at any time: as in any sale – it is easier to upsell once there is excitement.


This is the major sales piece of your project.

Make it cool. Make it sweet. Make it silly. Make it your voice of the project.

Keep it under 3 minutes.

Pay Attention to your project: keep it vibrant, exciting, and on point. Start strong, motor through the dead zone, and end strong. People are more and more savvy about crowdfunding and as eager as they are now to be a part of something and help determine its success and direction, so too are they more savvy about expectations.

Create inducements for participation that off the chart cool.

And then – Deliver.


How Does Crowded Reality Work?


Tired of what you are told is “reality” TV? Unreal, formulaic and like a car wreck, so bad but you can’t stop watching?

If you don’t like what’s out there now, it’s your chance to do something about it.

Crowded Reality has changed everything. You can vote on and donate to the shows you love and begin to be a vibrant part of the entertainment industry in your own unique way.

A socially-driven platform for new TV and Film development – Crowded Reality is the change agent.

Imagine a single platform where you can fund reality TV and documentaries – or get yours funded – voting with social currency and dollars!

It’s your chance to control more of what’s on TV.

You driving the change in your world. Your children’s world.

Our world.

YOU – Voting on a show you appreciate  – before it goes to pilot.

Why is this so powerful?

Participation now is more than just your dollar donations…. it is the new currency of social networks.

YOU – Pitching a show you design – directly to a potential audience.

Why is this so powerful?

Adjustment of concept in real time feedback and funding… it is the bio-feedback of TV development.

US – Creating smart and relevant social media  and PR – before and during project campaigns.

Why is this so powerful?

Demonstration of the viability of a show through dollars and votes…. it gives direct access to sponsors and distribution.

Why is the Crowded Reality model so powerful?

Together, we  keep control of the show, its content and distribution with its developer.

It’s a New World out Here.

Crowded Reality is the New Gatekeeper

You Create your TV Concept and Together We Launch it.

Together we re-monitize the Television Model.

We’ve all seen what big business does to our favorite shows. We’ve all complained about it: shows are forced to shift their purpose, message and design to accommodate the sponsorships.

Diminishing creativity and control – until it is no longer the show you envisioned.

The Crowded Reality Model leaves creators with full creative license and control over the show. No more random deaths and long-term plot deviations to appease a big investor: your show maintains its creative direction, while receiving funding from parties that are far less demanding of profit and more inclined to see how the show develops.

You can produce a show that follows

the expectations and hopes of those who voted for it in the first place!

A ready-made audience who you already know will watch the show is now something that you can create, rather than hope for.

It can be this simple. Too many sites and platforms over-complicate the means of funding shows. And none of them address distribution success. You get the show funded, and pilots done – now what?

Our Model Changes Everything.

Here’s how it works.

We bring the eyeballs. You bring the pitch.

Distribution outlets and potential sponsors watch.

The funding rolls in. The votes accumulate.

A hit TV show is born

And you are in control.

Our cutting edge voting feature on the site demonstrates the social viability. The potential audience will vote whether they would watch this show. Sponsors and other distributors will see the numbers on shows climb – and sponsorship can be obtained even before the actual pilot is shot.

There are three ways Crowded Reality offers funding channels by driving targeted traffic to the site using social media, PR pushes, interviews, and more – all strategically staged and timed for your success.

1. You pitch, people vote, social currency is shown, money is donated

2. As votes come in, sponsors can be obtained who want the social currency you’ve collected

3. Distributors pick up production as social currency goes viral

Veterans of the industry will be considering direct response advertising and the power of crowdfunding. If you, like so many others, can see the immense power behind this model where the viewers will now hold the power, why not consider joining up with us?

Crowded Reality  is the future of TV.

Nearly 70% of current TV shows are “reality” (and that doesn’t include talk shows).

Use the power of your own opinion to shape “reality” and the TV industry.

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