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Shoot Like A Pro

If there’s one thing that sucks, its bad video and sound. Especially when you’re pitch a TV Show! So to help make sure you’re pitch video and sizzle look as great as your concept, here’s renowned filmmaker Richard Michalak, who has over 30 years of Television and Film Credits and Awards to discusses all of the Fundamentals.

Crowdfunding success training - plan ahead

Running a Successful Crowd Funding Campaign for Reality Shows

Crowdfunding has quickly become the go to choice for those looking to begin a project, who don’t have the capital to make their vision a reality. This approach also allows producers to determine the demand for the reality shows they are pitching and ensure that there is an audience. To be successful, there are some important things to consider on any crowdfunding project.
The first thing you need to do is to have a story in place that will ignite passion in people, leading them to donate to your cause. There are people out there who will help to turn your dream into a reality. You only need to ensure that your presentation is something that speaks to them. For the background of your product, it can be a good idea to sit down and draft a script about the reality shows that you are considering producing, outlining how the crowdfunding will help to make your show become a reality. It is critical that you hook your potential investors right off the bat and give a clear and concise message. Before you post the video, edit it so that you can give off a polished and professional appearance.
One way you can do this is by developing a script to read from. Watch other crowdfunding videos within your niche and analyze what is being said in the videos. Take the elements that impact you the most, and incorporate them into your own script to read from.
When you are ready to shoot the video, have the professionals step in. Since you are approaching the crowdfunding group to help you to produce reality shows, you need to prove that you have the experience or the crew to handle a camera. If you are asking money for equipment, it is fine to use a lower end camera, just ensure you have professional level camera work.
As part of your campaign, provide perks that will be valuable to the type of investors you want to attract. One of the worst mistakes campaigns have is that they don’t offer anything of value to the investors. Asking for a dollar and giving advanced access to the first episode is great for the catch all people that are looking for something inexpensive, but want to make a difference. When someone is donating $100 or $1,000 you should have the perk match the investment. Offer autographed stills, visits to the set, or other perks that you are comfortable offering that will entice people to purchase higher value items.
Another critical part of a successful campaign is having a website that people can visit. This validates that you aren’t a fly by night individual looking to collect money and run. You don’t have to be elaborate, but there needs to be something established for people to see.
Ensure that your numbers work and can be reached. For crowdfunding you need to have realistic expectations and a reasonable goal. If you need to raise $15,000 you’ll need to have 150 people donate $100 each. While it isn’t impossible, you’ll be better off having lower dollar value items that allow for those who aren’t able to donate larger amounts. That way, you won’t find yourself struggling later on.
Finally, don’t overlook your outreach to get word out about a campaign. Most people don’t automatically notice a campaign. It is important to promote your campaign to draw people in and make it a success.
It’ll take a little effort on your part to get your crowdfunding campaign up and running. But if you follow these steps, you should find that you are able to be successful.


The Future of New Media

Media is changing, and in this episode of the Rich & Awake podcast, I’m interviewed by Gabe Strom, one of the titans of tech, about how to stay ahead of the curve.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What exactly is Social TV
  • The future of media and product placement in movies
  • Facebook edge-rank update and how to get more ORGANIC exposure to your business fan page
  • How to write a book in under 2 hours and establish yourself as a trusted authority in your market
  • The REAL secret to social media engagement in

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